Ovvero s/bloccare il PC attraverso la tecnologia del “dente blue”. Mi spiego meglio: immaginate di allontanarvi dal vostro Desktop e vogliate che in base alla vostra distanza il PC abbia la possibilità di attivarsi, tutto grazie all’interazione tra un cellulare e il vostro laptop. Carina come funzione vero?

Questo è quello che promette questo software in python:


Purtroppo non avendo a disposizione una scheda bluetooth non riuscirò a testarlo ma, se qualche lettore lo fa, può dirci il suo punto di vista 🙂

Per l’installazione c’è sul sito la procedura:

Installazione BlueProximity

Leave it – it’s locked, come back – it’s back too…


ah.. se vi allontanate non dimenticate il cell vicino al laptop 🙂

Stay Tuned

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  1. Nice to see somebody blogging my software. I regret you don’t have a bluetooth device for your computer. I can say it’s fun to see it locking your computer if you move away. I can promise it works 🙂 The idea came to me one day while searching where they had proprietary proximity device and just holding a security class I told my students this should be done by standard hardware. This was about a year ago and finally this month I had the idea to learn python and glade and so I picked up my old idea. Just after having it released I got some nice feedback, some telling me about scripts they had found earlier in the net doing mainly the same but with no gui. So I can tell my idea must not have been too bad – it just wasn’t me thinking of it first. But that proves the point – it really works.
    I heard people using it not just for locking but muting the speakers, keeping customers time tracking clean and stuff like that… I try to keep up my efforts to make this one “for the masses” by creating a nice and easy to setup configuration gui. There will be a new version at least by the end of next week with further logging and some nice graphing – so you can have a look when you really did some work 🙂
    Just have a look at the changelog in the SVN repository or visit the homepage regularly for release updates.


  2. Thanks Lars for your comment and sorry if I answer only now but i was in France for holidays.

    This software is really very nice and i like it also if i haven’t a Bluetooth card. 🙁

    “I heard people using it not just for locking but muting the speakers, keeping customers time tracking clean and stuff like that…”

    that would be really good!

    I’ll follow your site for news 😉

    Good work

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