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  1. Ciao.

    Scusa l’ot sul blog, ma siccome sto diventando matto con la mia connessione mobile, è meglio che faccio la seguente verifica con un canale diverso dall’email… hai ricevuto la mia email due giorni fa?

    Grazie e scusa il disturbo…

  2. Hi Freedreamer,

    way to go, man! But Megaupload won’t let me download your .deb without making me download the “Megaupload Tool Bar” – which requires windows, of all things.

    Could you make it available at some other spot?


  3. Hey Freedreamer,

    it works like a charm! Only thing is, it’s not installed correctly into the application menu – but that is really just a minor problem.

    Other than that, great! Thanks a lot! Due to some mono weirdness, I wasn’t able to compile it myself.

    Anyway, thanks a lot!

  4. is not installed in menu applications? mmh very strange…

    use alacarte and install it manualy.

    i’ll try to compile also svn version in future

    stay tuned

  5. Yeah, I simply installed it into the menus by hand. No problem.

    > i’ll try to compile also svn version in future

    Cool, I’m really looking forward to some of the features they plan to include, especially the rating feature! It seems there’s already a patch for it, and Stephane Delcroix said a month ago that it would be merged soon(tm) – but, it seems, not soon enough for 0.4…
    Need to watch Bug #326561 for that!


  6. ehemm …

    in cvs c’è il supporto per differenti tipi per le versioni, aka raw + jpeg e plugin per sistemare la collezione d’immagini …


  7. una richiesta, potete aggiungere “sottoscrivi questo post” in modo che invvi le emails su l’aggiunta di commenti , è comodissimo …


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